woensdag 31 oktober 2012

The Crow

Another birthday, another friend tranformed. And '├žause it's also Halloween and I was watching "The Crow",( the first one), I've decided to transform that friend into The Crow with a bit of a surrealistic feel to it. A bit of backstry: The Crow was a comicbook about a murdered musician, Eric Draven  comic back to life  with the help of a supernatural crow to take vengeance on the tugs who murdered his girlfriend.

The Crow was then filmed, with Brandon Lee  in the lead role as Eric Draven. It was also his last role,as he died a tragic death. In one scene the group of thugs shoot Eric, but the bullets used in this scense weren't blanks. A veru tragic end to a legend.

Also a shout out for Sunmoondragoness for helping me out with tips! Chek her blog  at: http://creationsofeve.blogspot.nl/ and her deviantart page: http://sunmoondragoness.deviantart.com/.
Happy Halloween everyone!

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