dinsdag 25 november 2014

Behind The Scenes Look #2

Aaaaand we're back with another "behind the scenes" look at my latest commission. So this one was actually pretty challenging due to the big scale.  And this time around I had to illustrate two superheroes.  I've started with sketching some thumbnails in my sketchbook, just to experiment with ( for the lack of a better word)"balance" and positions on paper. 

After I got that down, I've started working out some details with pencils. Both character were sketched on two different pieces of paper, scanned and then imported in Photoshop. Then I've started inking( also know a most challenging process or so I've thought, before I've got into coloring. Not too say that inking was easy.

The flats were done pretty quickly, but the "cut & grad"coloring method still take me some time to get used too. Also I had to look up some coloring theories again. Finaly the characters were done! But piece still felt a little empty, so I've added some background. Again, a very challenging stage.

After searching for some references, I've managed to pull it of. The trick was to make the background look good, but not put too much details into it or else, it would draw attention away from my characters. Again "balance" was the key word! In the end I've decided to add some special effects, just to bring more that action/heroic feel into it. I was learning  something every step of the way I have to say I'm pretty happy with result and so were my clients!

Ow and before I go, I'll leave you guys with a small teaser from my next commission. Enjoy!

Ow and before I go, I'll leave you guys with a small teaser from my next commission. Enjoy!

zondag 9 november 2014

Behind The Scenes

Hey guys! Thought I take some time to show you a little "behind the scenes" of my last project. It all started  out as a rough pencil sketch ( with the help of some reference pictures I took) on paper. I scanned it, modified some things here and there in Photoshop. Then imported the sketch into illustrator and started inking. This is the fun part. I jumped  a lot between illustrator and photoshop, during this stage. Some lines just didn't come out as strong during inking , or they came in too strong. I was struggling with finding balance with the inks & contrasts. Then I imported the vectors  back into Photoshop ( without losing too much quality) and started coloring.  Somehow this is also a very challenging part for me. this is the stage when all of a sudden I got something like 20 modified layers. A lot of experimentation took place. And then there you have it.  The image is done, I hand in the file  and the shirt and there you have it. Some colors (especially highlights) didn't quite came out as strong as in the digital version, but I guess it's something I still have to learn.