zondag 9 november 2014

Behind The Scenes

Hey guys! Thought I take some time to show you a little "behind the scenes" of my last project. It all started  out as a rough pencil sketch ( with the help of some reference pictures I took) on paper. I scanned it, modified some things here and there in Photoshop. Then imported the sketch into illustrator and started inking. This is the fun part. I jumped  a lot between illustrator and photoshop, during this stage. Some lines just didn't come out as strong during inking , or they came in too strong. I was struggling with finding balance with the inks & contrasts. Then I imported the vectors  back into Photoshop ( without losing too much quality) and started coloring.  Somehow this is also a very challenging part for me. this is the stage when all of a sudden I got something like 20 modified layers. A lot of experimentation took place. And then there you have it.  The image is done, I hand in the file  and the shirt and there you have it. Some colors (especially highlights) didn't quite came out as strong as in the digital version, but I guess it's something I still have to learn.

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