maandag 5 september 2011

First Entry

Hey Guys,

How is it going. I've finally found some time for my first blog entry. So my (short)name is Zuli and I am 4th year Time Based Media /Media design student, looking for an internship. I love movies, motion graphics, dubstep, drum'n bass, Linkin Park and I'm still enjoying drawing. I've started drawing when I was 7, I think. Mostly using pencils and fineliners. Right now I'm using, Corel Painter, Photoshop and even Illustrator. Two years ago, I've discovered love for movies, animation and drawing storyboards and that's why I've chosen "Time Based Media" and not "Illusration". Also I've become kind of addicted for "After Effects. I'll be posting my media work soon".

What I'm gonna post below are some recent birthday artworks, I've made for my friends. I pictured them all like superheroes, with powers and equipment based on their characters, humour and their talents. And ofcourse I asked them what kind of powers do they like to have. Each of these were printed on a A2 paper, so it looked like a poster. Enjoy:

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